Trees make
good neighbors.

NeighborWoods® Gear

To help you and your volunteers celebrate National NeighborWoods® Month, we’ll send you a package of free gear—just for registering your October events. Any organization that registers events will receive:

  • Four 2013 NeighborWoods® T-shirts
  • One celebratory NeighborWoods® poster with tree planting instructions
  • 25 Kids Activity Card sets (with three activities in each set)
  • One 2’x5’ National NeighborWoods® Month 2013 Banner
  • Sample tools and a 25% discount from Corona Tools
  • Samples of Tecnu skin cleanser products for poison ivy and poison oak

All you have to do is register your event, and Alliance for Community Trees will ship these items to you directly. REGISTER YOUR EVENTS NOW.

These free materials are available only while supplies last. If you’d like to purchase additional quantities of any of the NeighborWoods® gear or products, please contact